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Generate all your marketing campaigns from just one click and from a single platform

Quickly create, schedule, and publish your marketing initiatives from one single dashboard. Boost campaigns with the promotion and product launch accelerators.

Direct publishing to store, newsletter & socials from one platform
Ready-to-launch campaigns

A simple way to automate and schedule a sales campaign, product release, or flash sale.

Skip the search and selection process with our ready-to-launch campaigns, featuring pre-built flows, sequences, and pre-selected marketing communications. Expertly designed for impact, they require only your approval. Streamline your strategy, save time, and achieve your goals with precision.

E-commerce event mastery

Never miss a beat: Pre-mapped e-commerce campaigns for Shopify stores.

Eliminate missed opportunities with our platform that pre-maps every e-commerce event for Shopify store owners. Prepared to engage at every crucial moment, you can focus on growth while we perfect timing and messaging.

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Deep dive campaigns

Maximize impact: Deep-flow campaigns with rich content.

Unlock unparalleled impact with our platform, where rich content meets precision in maximizing opportunities. We’ve reimagined e-commerce campaigns for online stores by diving deep into what makes communication click.

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Accelerate your growth with a specialized ecom marketing platform designed for brands and agencies.

Align everyone towards a unified goal on the same page.

Keep everyone on the same page. Collaborate on comprehensive marketing campaigns with your team, freelancers, or agencies: schedule product launches and promotions, review, iterate, and approve before publishing. Discover more about our cooperative workspace tailored for diverse teams.

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