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Get a clear e-commerce marketing roadmap for all your activities in one view

Stop running in circles with aimless meetings and unclear strategies. Keep a better track of all your marketing activities with a crystal-clear calendar built for e-commerce teams.

Strategic planning

Elevate your strategy

Finally see the big picture in one view. Schedule your marketing activities in line with a strategic plan using a unified platform designed for clarity and collaboration.

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Bring all your content together

Say goodbye to cluttered emails and makeshift tools. Switch to Glowtify for all your content needs – blogs, newsletters, website updates, and social media posts.

Guiding the Story

Align your partners

Take charge and harmonize strategies, preventing a disjointed view. Centralize updates across blogs, newsletters, and social.


Enhance visibility

Ditch the needless meetings and repetitive updates. With a single source of truth for all ongoing projects across your entire org, you get a crystal-clear view of what’s happening (or not), and who’s responsible.

Optimize Your Calendar

Fill the Empty Spaces

Never miss a beat in e-commerce marketing. Our calendar feature streamlines your marketing by easily identifying scheduling gaps, adding messages, and adjusting priorities with drag-and-drop simplicity.

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Work together effortlessly

Keep everyone on the same page. Collaborate on comprehensive marketing campaigns with your team, freelancers, or agencies: schedule product launches and promotions, review, iterate, and approve before publishing. Discover more about our cooperative workspace tailored for diverse teams.

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Personalized content

Integrating your store data for enhanced performance insights

Save all your photos and videos in one place. Browse and import media files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Cloudinary, Bynder, and Canto.

Automated Store Integration
Connect directly to your store’s media, products, collections, and performance data. No manual importing or explaining required, infusing your content creation with invaluable, precise insights for superior results.

Value-Added Content Creation
Leverage automatically gathered data from your store to enhance the relevance and impact of your marketing content, turning insights into action without the extra legwork.

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Accelerate your growth with a specialized ecom marketing platform designed for brands and agencies.
Schedule & publish

Effortlessly plan and share your content automatically

Create and organize your campaigns and content, seamlessly crafting, scheduling, and customizing for channels like Shopify and social media in a single unified platform.

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SEO Enhancement Projects

Enhance Your Store's Products, Collections, and Blog Content

Integrate your SEO tasks into your calendar, utilize our in-app editor to optimize your store’s products, collections, and blog content.

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Newsletter creation

Plan a month of newsletters in minutes, not last minutes

Effortlessly plan a month’s worth of newsletters in advance, not at the last minute. With just a few clicks, create your content, streamlining your newsletter creation and publication process.

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