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Shopify Connector Upcoming

Shopify and Glowtify, like two peas in a pod

We’re taking a page out of the Meta playbook and connecting all your apps into one. Simplicity and data sans the lizard CEO.


All your data in the palm of your hand

What good is data if it’s scattered all over the place? It makes making sense hard… Glowtify merges all your data from whatever ecommerce, analytics, advertising, and email and tools you use, so you can easily analyze your data and performance from one app. With a lot of connectors to choose from, growth will be within sight. Whichever datasources you need, connect them for your Shopify brand.

Accelerate Your eCommerce Growth Today

Glowtify blends AI-driven analytics and content generation with a deep understanding of your brand, scaling e-commerce businesses by crafting narratives that reflect your unique identity.