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E-commerce growth starts with smart planning

Glowtify helps you scale your e-commerce business with AI. We take your data from Shopify and Google Analytics and then provide guidance on how to grow and where to focus for improvement.

Increase Brand Awareness
Marci Senter

Scale Your Store

Choose from 1000+ free e-commerce marketing strategies and scale your store.

Plan builder

Choose from over 1000+ free e-commerce marketing strategies

Step-by-step options to meticulously tailor the app and build a marketing plan according to your needs. We all have needs, some are easier to obtain than others.

Plan and monitor your objectives’ progression, plan smart and delegate even smarter. Yeah, there’s an app for that: ours.

High-level plan & initiatives

Your plan is too big for spreadsheet cells. Give it space.

Share the plan with your team in the clearest possible way, all on one easy-to-read page. We’re talking 8K quality.

Glowtify ingeniously identifies the most important initiatives your company should prioritize, based on your biggest potential gains, but made sexy. Marketing is pretty damn sexy, so then why are we still using PowerPoint and spreadsheets? We created an app that consolidates all others into one to simplify your life.

Just don’t ask us how it works, the builder made us promise not to say anything.

Goal tracking

Shoutout to the doers.

Easier gains than going to the gym; reach your full potential without reaching its limits. Who cares how much you bench, show off how much you’ve earned!

There’s no such thing as a small victory! Whatever the size, proudly share them with your team or friendly competitors. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone — and it keeps you motivated and committed to your goals.

Discover the tactics, strategies and challenges of the Glowtify community or share your own!

Features Listing

Couldn’t be simpler! Connect your store data with one click and we’ll tailor your biggest potential initiative gains that align with your goals. Were you expecting something more complicated? With us, expect the unexpected. Except, expect results. Now try saying that 10 times fast.

Pre-built Goals Setting

Use our Step-by-step plan builder that lets you choose options to meticulously tailor the app and build a plan according to your needs.

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Shopify Connector

We’re taking a page out of the Meta playbook and connecting all your apps into one. Simplicity and data sans the lizard CEO.

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Roadmap View

Overthinking gives you wrinkles, we want to keep you young, fresh, and glowing. You provide the necessary information, we’ll provide you with clear objectives, key results options, and how to achieve them.

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Team & partners

Stop chasing reports. Get your team and partners updating the same report. Nowadays, teams are driven by clear objectives, a shared vision, and attainable results. With proper data analysis, our app offers engaging tools on how to best reach your goals.

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OKR Framework

Get your OKRs and team goals off the spreadsheets and into the real world. And the world into your hands.

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Goal Tracking Automation

 No one needs to ask, “what’s next”? All the tasks are clearly explained.

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