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Boost Sales with Glowtify’s Smart
E-commerce Analytics

AI turns your data into actionable goals for bettering your website and marketing efforts.

E-commerce Guidance for the Driven Store Owner

Glowtify’s recommendation engine analyzes data from Shopify, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Klaviyo, providing instant insights and growth strategies. Leverage our innovative AI to focus on what matters and elevate your store.

Expert-guided enhancement

Experience the transformative power of Glowtify's expert-led optimization. Our advanced tools and professional insights work in harmony to refine your Shopify store's performance, delivering tailored enhancements for an elevated e-commerce experience.

& Planner

Elevate your year-round marketing with Glowtify's Smart Calendar & Planner. Seamlessly integrate our optimizers for both promotions and nuanced enhancements, ensuring consistent, impactful results beyond just key events like Black Friday. Keep your brand's momentum strong and continuous throughout the year.

Our added values

No Marketing Expert Needed

Optimize your e-commerce marketing using our specialized AI context engine. No brief or instructions required.

One Click Integrations

Access data from Google Analytics, Klaviyo, Facebook, Shopify, and Google Ads effortlessly, without any coding requirements.

Personalized Content

Craft exceptional e-commerce marketing content, uniquely tailored to embody your brand's essence.
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The magic
of Glowtify
Glowtify helps you scale your e-commerce business with AI. We Take your data from Shopify and Google Analytics and then provide guidance on how to grow and where to focus for improvement.