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The magic of Glowtify

Glowtify helps you scale your e-commerce business with AI. We take your data from Shopify and Google Analytics and then provide guidance on how to grow and where to focus for improvement.


See where you rank.

Discover your potential through our unique benchmarked assessment of your store performance. We show you what’s possible for your category, capacity, and budget.


Learn from the best in the business.

Get access to our growing pre-made strategies library as well as how to achieve from world class professionals to help you take on your next Milestone.


Bring all your data and align everyone on the same page.

Plan, prioritize and track marketing in one place. We analyze every metrics your store generates to show you when you perform best. No one needs to ask, “what’s next”? All the tasks are clearly explained.


Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

See how you and your core group of collaborators or teammates can motivate each other to push your limits. By sharing your plan, your coworkers will be notified. Kudos!

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