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How to create your brand identity mockup?

Published on Nov 14, 2022

Creating a brand identity can be daunting, especially starting from scratch. Are you tired of trying to explain branding concepts and make adjustments through flat design alone? 

It’s time to switch things up and start using Smartmockups for your branding presentations. It will save you time and energy and impress your clients with realistic mockups of their brand identity on real-life assets such as business cards, corporate papers, posters, and even products. 

Showing a comprehensive visual presentation of the brand redesign is the way to go, and using brand identity mockups will help elevate your portfolio and attract potential clients. 

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a brand identity mockup, so you can create a look that is both professional and unique to your business. Let’s get started!

How Can You Benefit From Branding Mockups?

Branding mockups can be incredibly useful for designers and clients alike. Mockups offer a realistic representation of the finished product by combining elements designed for a specific brand, such as business cards, posters, and packaging. 

brand identity mockup

It allows clients to visualize the brand identity prism and effectively communicate feedback to the designer. In addition, mockups can also be a valuable marketing tool, allowing potential clients to get a clear understanding of the designer’s abilities and strengths. 

Incorporating branding mockups into your design process can greatly enhance collaboration and results.

Different Ways To Make Branding Mockups

When using traditional software, it can be quite time-consuming to create mockups. First, you must choose a template or customize your design, add your branding elements, and make all the necessary adjustments to achieve the desired look. 

On the other hand, Smartmockups offers a variety of ready-made mockup templates that users can easily customize with just a few clicks. In addition, they provide options for creating mockups on products such as laptops, smartphones, and even clothing items – perfect for showcasing your designs in a realistic setting. 

With its simplicity and time-saving features, utilizing Smartmockups is a smart choice for creating professional branding mockups. For example, you can use many tools and features when creating branding mockups using Adobe Photoshop. 

However, this also means there is a steep learning curve, and it can take a lot of time to master the software. In addition, you may need to purchase a subscription or license for the software. 

Alternatively, using a mockup generator like Smartmockups streamlines the process and allows even non-designers to create professional mockups quickly and easily. Choose your device, upload your design, apply filters and effects if desired, and voila – instant branding mockup. 

Plus, pre-made templates are available for various products and industries, making it even more efficient to customize your branding materials. Overall, both options offer unique advantages but using Smartmockups can save time and cost while still producing high-quality branded mockups.

What Is The Difference Between Smartmockups And Adobe Photoshop?

While Photoshop offers many features and capabilities, it can also be overwhelming for those without a design background. With so many tools and options, it can take time to learn and master the program, leading to potential efficiency issues for new users.

In addition, Photoshop mockups often have a more polished, professional look compared to other methods. Still, this level of quality can come at a cost – financially and in terms of time spent editing. Ultimately, the decision to use Adobe Photoshop for mockups should depend on skill level and individual project needs.

Photoshop’s Disadvantages

Designing brand identity: an essential guide for the whole branding team also has some drawbacks. It is hard to imagine a workflow without Photoshop. However, this software does come with some disadvantages.

The first is the cost – to use Photoshop, you need to purchase a licensed version. It can add up, especially if multiple team members require their licenses. Secondly, Photoshop doesn’t come with pre-made mockups or templates – these need to be purchased or found separately.

And finally, even after purchasing a mockup and receiving the necessary resources, you still need the knowledge and skills to edit and customize it for your project’s needs.

While Photoshop remains the go-to tool for many graphic designers, it’s important to weigh these potential drawbacks before diving into a project.


Smartmockups provide an extensive image library of mockup templates that transform to fit your brand with just a few clicks. No need to hire a designer or spend hours learning complicated software – upload your image and adjust the scene to your liking. Plus, unlimited downloads can create as many mockups as you need. Give your branding materials a professional edge with Smartmockups.

The Advantages Of Using Smartmockups


One of the biggest advantages of using Smartmockups is the variety available to users. With over 1300 different mockup scenes, there is sure to be one that fits perfectly with your project. And if not, you can easily customize the scene to match your vision.

No Export Limit:

Best of all, there are no limits on exports – allowing for unlimited possibilities for professionally presenting your designs. Overall, Smartmockups offers a cost-effective solution for creating stunning mockups without requiring extensive design skills or experience.

No Need For Additional Software:

Additionally, using Smartmockups eliminates the need for additional design software like Photoshop. Everything is online and accessible anytime, making this mockup generator a convenient option for busy designers.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Them In Smartmockups

Following our easy guidelines, you can create a branding mockup in just a few steps.

Step 1: Choose The Perfect Branding Mockup

When selecting a branding mockup for your project, it’s important to consider the overall aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. Do you want a clean, isolated design or a more natural, photo-based mockup? 

Isolated mockups often feature changeable backgrounds, allowing for greater versatility and personalization. On the other hand, photo mockups offer a more realistic representation of how your design will look in real-life situations. 

Consider what type of products are being showcased – an isolated mockup might work better for stationary and brochures, while a photo mockup could be better suited for packaging and apparel. 

Whatever style you choose, make sure it aligns with your brand’s aesthetic and accurately conveys the message you want to communicate.

Step 2: Upload Your Logo Or Image And Customize The Scene

The next step in creating your branding mockups is to upload your logo or image and customize the scene. It can be done by selecting “Upload Image” and choosing the file from your computer or simply dragging and dropping the asset into the designated area. 

Once uploaded, you can change the background or crop the whole scene to suit your preferences. Remember that this customization process may take some time, so plan accordingly before starting your project. With these simple steps, you’ll have a professional and polished mockup.

Step 3: Download The Final Image In Super High Resolution

Once you have completed the design process, it’s time to download your high-resolution mockup. Click the “Download” button and select the desired resolution from the dropdown menu. 

Your finished mockup will be ready for use in a matter of seconds. Not only does this save time and effort, but it also ensures that your branding materials will appear crisp and professional. So what are you waiting for? Start creating cool mockups today!


Smartmockups are a great way to create professional and polished mockups without requiring extensive design skills or experience. With personalized mockup scenes, finding the perfect one for your project is simple. Assignments are a breeze- upload your logo or image and adjust the settings to match your vision. With an unlimited amount of exports, you can share your designs with clients or teammates with ease. And because everything is online, this mockup generator is super convenient for busy designers. So why wait? Get started today and see what Smartmockups can do for you!

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