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Glowtify – The Marketing App You Wished You Had

Glowtify helps you scale your e-commerce business with AI. We take your data from Shopify and Google Analytics and then provide guidance on how to grow and where to focus for improvement.

The New Age of Marketing

You already know the importance of marketing your eCommerce store, brand, and products. While marketing is all about presenting the right content to the right pair of eyes at the right time, a lot goes on behind the scenes.

Devising the right strategy requires you to consider numerous factors such as your goals and objectives, end users, niche, and the exact steps that need to be taken to achieve those goals.

As your marketing efforts scale so do the number of elements involved. When that happens, things can quickly get out of hand as important tasks can get lost in the hassle and it becomes impossible for the marketing team and the stakeholders to remain on the same page.

As a result, you can be left with no collaboration and poor goal tracking, which means you fail to achieve the goals you had set for your business.

What if all of that could be fixed with a single application?

Introducing Glowtify – The Marketing Application for Marketers and eCommerce Store Owners

Glowtify empowers you to create the perfect marketing strategy in a matter of seconds and breaks down the exact steps that you need to take to achieve your marketing goals.

Simply select your marketing goals from dropdown menus and get the perfect strategy for your eCommerce store or business.

You will have a clear roadmap that will guide you through the strategy and ensure that you achieve your goals.

The Perfect Solution for All

There are various contributors and stakeholders in every marketing strategy, Glowtify caters to them all.

 Marketing Coordinator

Having a clear roadmap and being able to effectively communicate the progress you’ve made as a marketing coordinator is crucial.

Ineffective communication and management can result in important tasks getting lost in chaos.

What’s more, you have to spend countless hours trying to devise the perfect action plan.

With Glowtify you can:

  • Access the perfect marketing plan in a matter of seconds
  • Have a crystal-clear road map that highlights the next step based on maximum ROI
  • Ensures that all the players are aligned when it comes to marketing objectives and goals

Digital Agency Marketing Strategist

As a digital marketing strategist, you always need to be on top of the latest trends.

Additionally, you have to ensure that the marketing plan or strategy is tailored to the client’s or business’s goals and objectives.

And all of the hard work can go unappreciated when the stakeholders struggle to understand dense data-packed reports.

With Glowtify, you get the solution to all your problems:

  • Customize plans from our template library to create bespoke strategies
  • Confidently suggest the next steps or action plan to your customer using the prioritized initiative list
  • Communicate your progress in an easy to understand manner so your customers appreciate your efforts

Store Owner

As a store owner you cannot invest a lot of time in marketing your business.

You hire an individual or a team to boost your marketing plans but are not sure if you are getting your money’s worth.

With no clear roadmap and no measurable progress, you can be left in the dark.

Glowtify offers the clarity and transparency that you’ve been seeking.

  • Get a clear roadmap to know what needs to happen when for maximum returns
  • Feel confident knowing that your team is working on the most crucial step at any given time using the prioritized initiative list
  • Makes accountability easier as you’ll know exactly what results to expect and by when

One Solution. Multiple Benefits.

  • Get a marketing plan that is tailored to your eCommerce business
  • Prioritize the highest ROI steps based on your store’s data so you’re not wasting time on low-impact tasks
  • Collaborate with other team members easily through a cohesive marketing strategy and have a clear understanding of what everyone is doing
  • Keep stakeholders happy by communicating your progress in an easy-to-understand way
  • “Glowtify” your marketing efforts and motivate others by sharing your progress

The Team Behind the Magic

Like all big things, Glowtify started with a vision. A vision envisioned by experienced individuals from marketing, business, tech, and creative backgrounds.

These individuals had all experienced the challenges that the current marketing methodologies posed and how they were affecting businesses.

The goal was simple, to develop an intuitive marketing app that could be used by anyone, even with no past experience, to develop the perfect marketing strategy and make its implementation a breeze.