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How To Take Advantage Of Your Customer’s Reviews

In this article, we’ll discuss why customer testimonials are important, understand the power of social proof, and provide practical tips for getting buyers to take action.

Published on Dec 14, 2022

Customer testimonials are a powerful way to increase conversions on your website. By providing these third-party reviews and ratings, you can give potential customers the confidence they need to make a purchase. 

With 91% of respondents regularly reading testimonials before making a purchase, it’s clear that customers want to know what others have experienced with your product or service. Understanding why customer testimonials are so powerful is key when crafting an effective strategy for utilizing them on your website

People naturally trust recommendations from those they know more than an ad or promotional material from a company – this phenomenon is known as ‘social proof’. When considering their options, people will often seek out recommendations from other customers who have already made the purchase – this helps them make an informed decision based on real experiences rather than having to guess if the product or service is right for them.

In this article, we’ll discuss why customer testimonials are important, understand the power of social proof, and provide practical tips for getting buyers to take action. We’ll also look at how existing customers can become advocates for your brand and start creating organic word-of-mouth referrals.

Why are Customer Testimonials on Websites Important?

Customer testimonials are important on websites because they provide social proof and build trust with potential customers. Testimonials from existing customers can provide an unbiased opinion of the product or service, which can help demonstrate its value. 

Research shows that 91% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase, and positive customer feedback can be a powerful tool for influencing their decision. Additionally, customer testimonials can help to highlight features of a product or service that may not be obvious to the customer, as well as act as an endorsement of its quality and performance. 

Customer Testimonials On Shopify Websites

Customer testimonials can also allow businesses to show off their customer service by showcasing customer experiences with their team. This has the added bonus of improving brand reputation and increasing visibility within search engine rankings.

By providing authentic customer feedback, companies are able to build credibility and trust among potential customers, which ultimately leads to more sales and satisfied customers. 

What are the best ways to get testimonials from customers?

The best way to ask customers for testimonials is directly, either through email or in person. By asking directly, you are more likely to get a positive response than if you waited passively for them to submit one on their own. When asking customers for testimonials, it’s important to be specific and polite.

Let them know the exact purpose of your request and explain why their feedback is valuable. Offer to provide assistance if they need help completing the form. When emailing customers, make sure they have an easy way of responding, such as a short survey or pre-made form with specific questions related to your product or service. 

Be sure to include a deadline for submission so that customers are forced into taking action before losing interest. A personal touch should not be overlooked either; thanking customers for taking the time out of their day to provide feedback can go a long way in creating friendly relationships with them. 

Finally, rewards can be used as incentives when asking customers for testimonials — such as discounts or gifts — which will motivate them to provide feedback about your business.

Where to put customer testimonials on a website.

The following are some top tips on where to place customer testimonials on a website:

Testimonials on Zapier’s homepage

Testimonials on Zapier’s homepage are integral to showing potential customers the power of their product. The sub-headline highlights that more than a million people rely on Zapier to take care of their tedious tasks, creating an immediate feeling of trust and credibility. 

Beneath this are 6 carefully chosen testimonials that cover the benefits of using Zapier. It is noteworthy that each one contains a photo of the person, as well as their company name and position, demonstrating that anyone can benefit from the product. 

Customer Testimonials On Shopify Websites

Through these testimonials, Zapier is able to showcase real-life success stories from professionals and business owners alike, allowing customers to experience the same results for themselves. 

This underscores how powerful social proof can be in influencing customer decisions and building trust within a brand. Ultimately, Zapier’s use of testimonials serves as a powerful testament to the effectiveness of their product.

Convertica’s third-party site testimonials

At Convertica, we believe in using third-party site testimonials on our homepage as a way to build trust with our customers. We want to demonstrate that they can trust our services and products by showcasing reviews from other sites that are not under our direct control. 

We think this provides customers with an unbiased opinion of Convertica and gives them more confidence when making their purchase decision. Additionally, we’ve found that reviews from third-party sites show higher levels of engagement and conversion rates than if we were to use testimonials sourced solely from within the company. 

This is due to the fact that potential customers are more likely to be swayed by objective opinions from other sources than opinions that may have been influenced by the company itself. So, while it may feel counterintuitive at first, incorporating third-party reviews on your website is a great way to build trust and credibility with your customers.

Birchbox’s Testimonials on the homepage

Birchbox’s homepage contains Unexpected Finds. New Favorites. Unique Matches-branded testimonials from customers that have had positive experiences with their products or subscriptions. 

Each message is crafted to appeal to different needs, featuring an image of the customer and the product they purchased, along with a personalized testimonial about their experience. The testimonials are detailed and varied, showcasing unique stories that capture the value Birchbox provides to its customers. 

Showcasing these real-life experiences allows shoppers to gain trust in Birchbox’s products and services in an authentic way. As such, it demonstrates how Birchbox is committed to delivering quality products with unmatched customer satisfaction.

Ancestry’s Free Trial page

Ancestry.com’s Free Trial page is a great way to get access to the company’s extensive genealogical database. The page offers a step-by-step guide to signing up for the trial and provides helpful customer testimonials to help resolve any doubts or worries about this process. 

Thanks to Ancestry’s well-crafted user interface, signing up for the free trial is as simple as entering a few details like name, email address, and payment information. Once these steps are complete, users get instant access to thousands of records from all over the world. 

With its secure signup process and 24/7 customer service team, Ancestry helps make exploring your family history easier than ever before.

One testimonial showcases Accessally’s value

Accessally stresses its value proposition with one testimonial on its sales page, showcasing the benefit of its WordPress Subscription plugin. This testimonial puts emphasis on the feature that sets it apart from other similar plugins – that users can set multiple payment options. 

Where to put customer testimonials on a website.

This conveys how Accessally meets customer’s needs and addresses their common concern of limited payment options. By displaying this single testimonial, Accessally shows potential customers the features they are looking for in an effective and succinct way. Furthermore, seeing evidence from a real customer strengthens the message that Accessally is a reliable provider of subscription services.

Marie Forleo’s Email newsletter sign up form

Marie Forleo runs a successful business teaching people how to build an online empire, and she uses her email newsletter sign up form to attract and engage new subscribers. On the page, she includes dozens of glowing customer testimonials highlighting her expertise and results-oriented approach. 

Each of these inspiring stories speaks directly to her audience, encouraging them to try out her advice, products and services. She also adds personal touches like showing photos of herself and featuring quotes from fellow entrepreneurs that have been successful with her program. 

By providing potential customers with this evidence of success, Marie Forleo incentivizes more people to join her email list, ultimately increasing her reach and visibility as a brand.

10X Emails Landing Page by Copyhackers

10X Emails Landing Page by Copyhackers is a comprehensive online course that helps businesses improve the effectiveness of their emails. It includes over 40+ lessons and templates, deep dives into psychology, data analysis, and optimization techniques. 

With this course, Copyhackers teaches entrepreneurs how to stand out in crowded inboxes with an effective email strategy that drives conversions. The course features customer testimonials from people who have successfully implemented the strategies they learned. 

These testimonials are embedded throughout the page to reduce customer anxiety and showcase the real-world results of implementing these tactics. The 19,000-pixel sales page also contains four sections dedicated to testimonials that address relevant pain points. In short, 10X Emails Landing Page by Copyhackers provides entrepreneurs with an efficient way to create compelling emails that convert customers.


Customer testimonials are essential for any business looking to build trust with their customers. They provide evidence of real-world successes, address customer pain points, and reduce customer anxiety about taking that next step. 

From Ancestry’s user interface-driven trial page to Marie Forleo’s email newsletter signup form to Copyhackers’ 10X Emails Landing Page, businesses have a variety of ways to use testimonials as part of their marketing strategy. No matter what industry a business is in, showing off the results achieved by happy customers is key to acquiring more customers and building lasting relationships.

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