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How to choose the right discount levels for your sale

This post will cover all the critical elements in creating successful coupon promotions, from selecting the correct discount levels for your sale and managing coupon codes for maximum impact to tracking customer behavior and adapting your approach accordingly.

Published on Jan 28, 2023

Choosing the correct discount levels for your sale is challenging, especially if you don’t know their impact on your bottom line. Discounts are one of the most powerful tools at a retailer’s disposal to drive sales and attract new customers. 

Understanding how to use them correctly is essential for any online business. But it’s not just about offering discounts – it’s necessary to understand how different values affect customer behavior so that retailers can make informed decisions about their promotional strategies.  

This post will cover all the critical elements in creating successful coupon promotions, from selecting the correct discount levels for your sale and managing coupon codes for maximum impact to tracking customer behavior and adapting your approach accordingly.

How Do Coupons Work?

Using coupons in your store is a great way to increase sales, attract customers and boost loyalty. Studies show that stores are 8x more likely to make a sale when coupons are used, and 17% of all Shopify orders utilize coupons. 

discount levels

Not only do coupons give shoppers an instant benefit, but they also create an incentive for customers to engage with your brand long-term. Coupons help you build relationships with shoppers and provide valuable discounts that can help entice people to buy from you rather than competitors. 

With these impressive stats, it’s clear that coupons are the best way to drive conversions and cultivate loyal customers.

The Advantages of Offering Discounts at Your Business

Increasing Sales Through Promotions

Promotions are an essential part of any e-commerce strategy as they help to capture online consumer attention and entice them to purchase. Promotions can come from discounts, free shipping, limited-time offers, or personalized deals based on individual shopping habits. Such incentives are a great way to encourage shoppers to complete their purchases, increasing overall sales.

Sales Strategies Are Enhanced By Promotions.

Promotions around key dates and holidays are a great way to increase e-commerce revenue. They offer an opportunity to convert more sales while competing with less competition than during the big holiday season. 

By following an e-commerce promotional calendar, businesses can plan out a more effective sales strategy, reaching potential customers in timely and creative ways that add value and bring shoppers back again and again.

Increasing Traffic Conversions

Converting a higher percentage of traffic is crucial to maximizing website ROI. Utilizing promotions such as discounts and exclusive offers, combined with email capture for retargeting, can help drive sales and leads. 

The Advantages of Offering Discounts at Your Business

It will create more opportunities to re-engage returning visitors and encourage them to convert. With strategic planning, website owners can implement effective strategies to increase conversion rates over time, resulting in greater returns from their web traffic investments.

Promotions Engage People In A Positive Way.

Promotions are an effective way to engage customers and make them more likely to complete a purchase. Pop-up promotions, like discounts, free shipping, and gift wrapping, can be used during the customer’s visit to provide additional value and incentivize customers to stay longer and buy more. 

In addition, these promotions can also be personalized based on customers’ past purchases or demographics, creating an even greater sense of engagement.

Shopify discount promotions that you can run

Percentage-Based Discount

Percentage-Based Discounts are discounts offered on a product or service, expressed as a percentage of the original price. They can range from small (5-10%) to large (50%+) depending on the retailer’s profit margin and how they want to incentivize customers. Different discounts should be used for various retailers and products, offering the right balance between low prices and high-end brand appeal.

Discount In Dollars

A dollar discount is a great way to control product margins and encourage customer purchases. It provides customers with an exact figure of how much they’ll save, and the convenience of free shipping can increase sales conversions even further. With this offer, you can ensure a better promotion redemption rate and more control over your product margins.

Free Gift With Purchase

Gift with Purchase is a great marketing strategy that adds value to the shopping experience and increases sales. You can use it for promotional items or products that are not selling as well as expected. Customers must fully checkout to receive their gift, an added incentive to purchase from the business. 

You can create a promo code to track the gifts given, and customers should be made aware that a free item will be included in their order when they check out. Gift with Purchase offers an excellent way to increase conversions and reward loyal customers.

Marketing By Threshold

Threshold promotions are an effective way to increase order sizes and convert sales. For example, if the average order size is $50, offering free shipping on orders of $75 or more can encourage customers to increase their order size. 

Studies have found that 39% of customers would purchase enough to get free shipping, which means this promotion could revolutionize online shopping. With threshold promotions, businesses can encourage shoppers to add more items to their carts, increasing company profits and customer value.

Promotions Without Discounts Also Work.

Non-discount promotions are a great alternative to discounts when your strategy doesn’t involve offering discounts. Contests are a great way to drive engagement and get email signups from your visitors. 

You can offer them a chance to win an oversized ticket item or bundle, like one of your products, but the prize should be something that your ideal customer will be interested in. It is an effective way to gain more attention and draw people into the contest without discounting your product. 

You can also use loyalty programs, giveaways, and even referral programs as non-discount options that can help increase engagement with your business.

Gated Content

Gated content is an effective promotional strategy that enables businesses to engage with customers by providing them with exclusive and valuable content in exchange for their email addresses. 

This content can range from style guides and recipe books to photo journals. Gated content is a great way to show off your brand, gain customer insights, and build relationships with potential buyers. 

Customers benefit by gaining access to exclusive media that would otherwise be unavailable. Gated content can be an incredibly effective tool for any business looking to increase sales.

On Shopify, How Can I Create Coupon Codes?

Creating coupon codes on Shopify is a straightforward process. You can set up discounts in the form of a dollar or percentage amount or provide free shipping. You also have the option to limit coupon usage based on order value, product and variant selection, customer segmentation, and other criteria. 

Additionally, you can set how many times the code can be used – for one-time use only or for a limited number of benefits over time. Setting up coupon codes gives your customers an incentive to shop at your store and helps you to increase sales.

You Have The Power To Control Your Coupons If You Know How

One way to take control of your coupons is by creating a coupon code and offering it exclusively on your website. It eliminates the need to pay affiliate fees to sites like retailmenot and allows you to monitor coupon code usage. 

Additionally, it ensures that shoppers using your coupon code will have a valid and functioning code, eliminating any potential frustrations they may have experienced otherwise. By controlling the distribution of codes, you can also ensure that shoppers are not price shopping or searching for cheaper deals elsewhere – giving them greater incentive to purchase on your website.

What Is The Best Way To Distribute Coupons With On-Site Promotions?

Distributing coupon codes via on-site promotions is an effective way to drive sales in your shop. Email pop-ups, sales banners, and exit pop-ups are all great places to feature promotional codes. 

To start, you can design a simple email signup form that rewards customers with a discount code after registering for your newsletter. 

It encourages people to stay engaged and be more likely to make repeat purchases. Furthermore, you can use sales banners or ads on your homepage that advertise the discounts, so visitors know about them immediately.

Additionally, setting up an exit intent pop-up on the shopping cart page will give customers extra incentives to complete their Purchases and may create additional conversions from impulsive shoppers. 

With this method of distributing coupon codes, you have total control over when and where your promotions appear and what discounts customers receive. It allows you to tweak your campaigns and maximize their effectiveness for maximum sales results.


Discounting is a powerful tool to increase sales, build loyalty and engage customers. The above deals allow you to detect the best discount for your Shopify store easily. Shopify promotions will enable you to create coupon codes, control their distribution, and set discount levels that are right for your business. 

By utilizing gated content, creating exclusive coupon codes, and distributing them via on-site promotions, you can maximize the success of your promotional campaigns and boost sales. With a bit of strategy and planning, discounts can be incredibly effective in helping your business reach its goals. This article has helped you learn how to choose the correct discount levels for your Shopify store.

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